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A legacy of great mechanical design is still alive!

The Rigidbot 3D Printer Kickstarter was the most successful crowdfunding campaign in Utah during its heyday. Unfortunately, the Rigidbot 3D Printers are no longer available in the original Kickstarter form and Rigidbot, LLC is now closed. But, if you are looking for support for one of the original or BIG printers, you can find it here!

Three guys, Jeff Parish, Jayson Kelly, and Heath Harper, who are passionate 3D Printer guys, decided to keep the legacy alive and have built up a supply chain for replacement parts and a future line of printers that will have many backwards compatible options to insure that the original owners of any Rigidbot 3D Printer don’t get left behind.


Rigidbot Resources

The original wiki is a great place to gather information from. It is located here.

The Rigidbot Google Plus community has over 2900 members and is a great place to get quick answers from actual users. You can join it here.

There are a couple of videos available for calibration among other good resources at The 4E3D YouTube Channel.

As always, you can email us with any questions at 3dp@LaserWeldDesign.com.