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Congratulations on your purchase of a new ReliaBuild 3D Printer!

We believe you should have all the tools needed to assemble, repair and add-on to your ReliaBuild 3D printer.

Scroll down to see videos on getting started with your new printer!

  1. Steps to get started:
  2. Level the bed
  3. Load Filament
  4. Figure out the right temperature to run your filament at (Calibration of Temperature)
  5. Load the software
  6. Figure out the right diameter to run your filament at (Calibration of Diameter)

RECOMMENDED EXTRAS: After getting started, please feel free to learn more by joining the MeWe RB Community forum and check out the legacy wiki from Rigidbot Users. This will enable you to keep your printer in “tip-top” shape and troubleshoot as needed. (See how to access these here)

Please let us know what you think and send feedback for improvements to

Thank you!

Getting Started and Calibration (Start Here)

How to level the bed and print for the first time.

How to load or unload filament on your printer.

How to figure out the right temperature for your filament

Getting started, downloading software including Arduino and CURA for a New Build.

NOTE: You only need to install Arduino and Update the firmware for 2 reasons:

  1. If you assembled your printer and are setting it up for the first time.
  2. If you contacted the factory and we have recommended updating the firmware.

If you received a printer from the factory and are unboxing, skip to 9 minutes 13 seconds on the video and simply install CURA for slicing. YOU DO NOT need to update your firmware for a new printer from the factory.

Setting up a calibration file using CURA 15.04

Analyze your calibration print and change settings to improve.

Looking for our CURA profile settings before you get going or need a new copy? 

If you are using CURA 15.04.06 as suggested, the profile for this is located at here.

To load the profile, click on “File” in the top menu and go down to “Open Profile” This will allow you to browse to where you saved the file and load the recommended printing settings.

If you really want to try CURA 3.6 or newer, we have profiles for the Regular, BIG, and BIG DUAL Extruder setup available to test, they are still quite BETA in nature, so use at your own risk, they update regularly. Check them out here.