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Below are common configurations of the firmware for both the ReliaBuild line of printers and Legacy Rigidbot printers.

Please be sure to pick the configuration that matches your printer set up. If the accessories you have are not listed, please feel free to email us or download a current version and follow the instructions under the RB1 Legacy Firmware to comment in or out your individual accessories and add-ons.

RB3 – Reliabuild 3D Firmware

Each of the links below will direct you to a folder. It is recommended to download the .zip file to your local computer and then extract the files. Then navigate through the folders to the Marlin.ino file and click on it to open the full firmware package.

Regular 10 x 10 Basic Printer folder click Here

BIG 12 x 16 Basic Printer click Here

BIG 12 x 16 DUAL HEAD Printer click Here

For ReliaBuild3D Printers with either AstroPrint or a RepRap Display, please click here:

The most recent AstroBox Touch Image (not firmware) is located here:

This version of the firmware will need to be configured per your configuration using the configuration.h sketch page in Arduino. This is a similar process to the RB1 settings on the right of this page.

RB2 – Rigidbot 2 Legacy Firmware 

Rigidbot 2.0 10 x 10 Printer click Here

RB1 – Rigidbot 1 Firmware 

RB1 Firmware click Here

In order to make this firmware work for the Rigidbot 1 BIG printer you will need remove the comment slashes on the config page as shown below. (see the 5th line down, 4th line down not including the blank line)