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I am interested in distributing your printers. Is this an option? 2017-04-10T01:21:44+00:00

We have agreements with resellers in multiple areas of the globe. From single stores to larger distributors we are interested in perpetuating the technology and experience that 3d Printing provides. For information on becoming a distributor or reseller please email us.


Do you offer educational pricing on parts and printers? 2017-04-10T01:19:19+00:00

Yes. Please email us for details on educational pricing for students and for institutions that teach STEM related curriculum.


Where can I find current specials and coupons? 2017-04-10T00:33:49+00:00

From time to time we run specials on specific items or general coupons based on specials. These coupons are emailed out regularly through our monthly communications. Please feel free to subscribe to receive these updates or email us at 3dp@LaserWeldDesign.com for a current list.


Where can I find information on how to get started with a Rigidbot or ReliaBuild 3D Printer? 2017-04-10T00:40:40+00:00

RigidTalk.com/wiki is a collective set of information that has been gathered by a community of amazing users. This is not a Rigidbot, Invent-a-part or ReliaBuild 3D site, but is a set of amazing details and information.

The getting started page is located here.

How do I get designs to print? 2017-04-10T00:55:50+00:00

Files must be in .gcode format to run on the printers. To do this, a 3D model must be created and then sliced and exported into the G-Code.

You need three things: A 3D Model exported to STL format, A slicer that will create .gcode files from the STL, such as CURA or simplify 3D and a Printer to export to.

For complete details see the WIKI here.

I have searched the WIKI and still have a question. What do I do? 2017-04-10T01:00:58+00:00

You can always email us directly at 3dp@LaserWeldDesign.com

Another valuable option is the 2500+ users in the Google + community for Rigidbot. There is almost always someone listening and watching on the forum that will be able to support and answer questions as well as provide tips and tricks.

To join the Google + community click here.

I have a project that needs to be done but don’t have the time or expertise to design it. Do you have design services available? 2017-04-10T01:06:32+00:00

Yes. We are happy to provide design services at the rate of $95.00 an hour. We have the expertise to ensure that the tolerances in the designs allow for your parts to be printed on multiple printers and fit as intended. We take great pride in creating a solution for you and you retain rights to the designs.

For an estimate email us at 3dp@LaserWeldDesign.com

I am not in the market yet to buy a 3d Printer. Do you provide printing services if I need something printed? 2017-04-10T01:11:18+00:00

Yes. We have a printer farm for this exact reason. Depending on whether you need high resolution (75 micron) printing or draft resolution (250 micron) we can accommodate. Pricing ranges from 30 cents a gram to 90 cents a gram depending on your needs.

For a quote email us at 3dp@LaserWeldDesign.com