ReliaBuild 3D Printers are the state-of-the-art international acclaimed 3D-modeling printers assembled here in the USA.

There are many 3D Printers on the market today, but ReliaBuild 3D Printers focus on the functionality and success of your prints.

Advanced Options:

  • Skip correction, eliminates the most frustrating issue in long prints, skipping, and gets you back on track automatically.
  • Open-Source Mainboard with thermal properties unlike any other desktop printer, reducing heat and creating a more reliable printing experience.
  • Strong support community of legacy Rigidbot members. This means that you will always have the support and help you are looking for in educational or critical printing applications.

Reliabuild Printers build on the legacy and great mechanical design of the Rigidbot, but add the Reliability of advanced electronics and experienced communities.

The Reliabuild 10 x 10 x 10 build volume is amazing. It provides for options to print multiple items at a time, or larger objects as needed.


The printer is available as an upgrade kit now for original Rigidbot owners, and will be released shortly with upgraded extruded aluminum for a stiffer, but lighter footprint and new features.

If you have an original Rigidbot (RB1) we have a custom kit that allows a full electronics upgrade and improved positive lock connectors. The mainboard is built with extra thick copper layers to dissipate heat and remove the issues that plagued the original electronics. It also has I2C expandability built into the board and new digital DAC control that eliminates the adjustable pots that caused so many issues in the original electronics.

The kit is also adaptable to many other printers and the firmware is compatible with Marlin code.

Stay tuned for further details…

Reliabuild 3D Printer - Next Generation Printer Upgrade Kit

ReliaBuild Next Generation Printer Upgrade Kit Preview


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