ReliaBuild Full Electronics Upgrade Kit (for RBB, BIG 12 x 16 Build Area)

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ReliaBuild Full Electronics Upgrade Kit (for RBB, BIG 12 x 16 Build Area)


Full ReliaBuild 3D upgrade kit for Rigidbot Big. See below for more information on what the kit includes. For RB1 upgrade kit click here.

Product Description


(1) Part No. 3044 4E3D Mainboard

(1) 24-volt Power Supply (Including 120v/240v switchable input and 24v-550W output with Power cable)

(1) Rigid Adapter for back Y-axis Support Bars

(1) Machined Aluminum Upgraded Bed (Stretched Flat Aluminum)

(1) Upgraded Extruder Mounting Block Kit (See here)

(1) Upgraded Heated Bed PCB (4e3d)

(1) Part No. 2094 Locking Extruder Cable (Longest)

(1) Part No. 4015 Locking Heated Bed Cable (Short)

(1) Part No. 3065 Extruder PCB Board for Extruder and connecting wiring

(1) Part No. 3014 Heated-bed cable locking adapter

(1) Part No. 3023 LCD Cable Adapter (either REP RAP adapter or original RB LCD)

(2) Part No. 1113 Limit Switch Cable (Short)

(1) Part No. 1113-2 or 1113-3 Limit Switch Cable (RB1 needs Double length, if RBB Then Triple)

(1) Part No. 2104 LCD Positive Lock Cable

The basic upgrade instructions are available for FREE download here.

There are printable STL files for feet, anchors, mainboard cover and risers, etc. All of the files can be found at .

The firmware needed for this upgrade is listed as a FREE product for download after checkout. Be sure to grab that here. and be sure to uncomment “BIG” in the firmware before uploading so Arduino sees the new build size. Email us if you need details on how to do this. Thanks!

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 12 x 9 in