Training and Service

  • SALE!!!! Onsite training for 2 people. Includes setup, calibration, bed leveling, maintenance, tips and tricks, first prints and more! This training has been heralded as "more valuable than 2 years of forums and wiki's" and provided you with the tools to get up and running and stay that way. Use your promo code for a 30% discount on training.
  • On-site service, set-up, troubleshooting. Includes tips and tricks at no cost during initial visit)
  • This class is available by appt. It is recommended to have 2 to 8 people. It is an introduction to 3D Printing that includes a basic overview of 3D Printing, How it Works, The basics of free design software and includes a print to take home. (Depending on the size of the print chosen it may need to be picked up the next day). This is a great opportunity for youth to see 3D printing first hand and for parents to fully understand what is involved in 3D Printing, especially if the purchase of a printer is being contemplated. The overall goal is to have kids and adults see the power, fun and engineering side of 3D Printing. (By appointment).