ReliaBuild 3D Printers are the state-of-the-art international acclaimed 3D-modeling printers assembled here in the USA.

We believe you should have all the tools needed to assemble, repair and add-on to your ReliaBuild 3D printer and Legacy Rigidbot Printers.

Below are links to documentation and instructions for immediate download. Please let us know what you think and send feedback for improvements to

Thank you!

Assembling an RB3 or RBB3 Printer KIT

Assembling an RB2 Printer KIT

Upgrading an RB1 or RBB Legacy Rigidbot Printer with the RB3 BASIC Electronics Upgrade KIT

Installing SKIP-SENSE real time closed loop feedback system on an ReliaBuild 3D Printer

(Limited Quantities of Skip-Sense Kits are available, for pricing and availability email us at

Extruder Assembly for Dual and Single Extruders on RB1, RBB, RB3 and RBB3 (dual not available on RB2)

Calibration Videos