Wow! Things have been so busy lately!

With all the school conventions and retail conventions we sure have been busy! Keeping up has been fun for sure. We also moved to our new shop with over 2000 square feet of manufacturing floorspace and new offices!

But to keep you in the loop, we just finished attending GamingCon in at the South Towne Convention Center in Sandy, UT. We couldn’t even stop to breathe it was so busy. From people familiar with 3D printing to little kids who loved the blank fidget spinners we gave away we definitely enjoyed getting out and promoting the produce.

I am happy to report that our skip-sense demo worked flawlessly. We even printed a Pokemon Charmander at 3x scaling and 8 inches high in 60% of the CURA estimated time!!!!! And the finish was awesome!

We expect to have the kit for skip-sense fully commercialized shortly and on the site for sale.

Thanks everyone for the continued support and business!


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