Skip-Sense, the key to Large Build Volume Success!

Skip-Sense is a critical component to successful large build volume 3D Printing

Traditionally, it has been very difficult to get large build volume prints to successfully print without setting print settings at agonizingly slow speeds. Although this solution isn’t without other potential issues, it can be very successful as long as all other print settings are optimized such as acceleration and jerk. The problem with acceleration and jerk setting adjustment alone is that lower jerk and acceleration settings can be counterproductive to surface finish and corner precision in your prints.

This is where Skip Sense comes to the rescue! With skip sense, optimization of acceleration and jerk settings can be adjusted for surface finish quality and speed of prints, while also ensure that the print stays on track. Skip sense combines a magnetic strip with individual digital tracking and an encoder board with its own processor. These key components, along with others are combined to compare the position of your G-Code with the position of both your X and Y axis components.

The result is that if by some chance a motor gets too warm, a belt is too lose or too tight, the resulting skip is automatically corrected on the fly! This allows for a much more successful large format printing experience and is exclusively available on Reliabuild 3D printers. Built from the skip correction technologies, Skip-Sense incorporates the mechanical, the digital and the intangible to be the watch dog for your prints!

These pictures shows a test run on a printer with severely under powered drive strength settings. The files were the same, the printers were the same, the only difference between the two was enabling Skip-Sense detection.

What an amazing difference. Skip sense is available as an upgrade for Rigidbot Printers and all Reliabuild 3D printers. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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